Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Fine Spring Day on City Market

Two beauties: The J-611 steam engine and Margie.
Margie and I ran down to Roanoke City Market this lunchtime in order for me to pick up a cherry tree from Rolling Meadow Farms that I ordered a couple of weeks ago and ran into some fun stuff.

Beautiful cock's comb.
First, there was the J-611, the lovely old steam engine that was built in Roanoke in the late 1940s, making a couple of excursions to Greensboro today. It and we arrived on the Market at about the same time and I got to take some photos of it ... and of my Margie, who is just as pretty, but in a more overall appealing way to me.

Margie can't go to the Market without a visit to the Candy Store, where some of the most fascinating candies available are at home. I was especially enamored of the Colon Blow high fiber cereal. Not that I need its' medicinal effects. The flowers on the Market were unusually lovely--vivid colors--and even the bagels at On the Rise Bakery were especially aeromatic today.

Nice trip. Here is some of what it looked like.

Margie at the Cajun restaurant where we at lunch, The Quarter.
This photo, taken today, could have been taken in 1948.
Margie took home some of the candy from the Candy Store on her cell phone.
Margie and Pampa at The Quarter for lunch (small portions).
The classic bar at The Quarter.
I asked this lady if she was really a woman before allowing her to enter Mill Mountain Theatre's bathroom.
Market eggs look like this: healthy and tasty.
The J-611 through a C&W RR emblem.
This needs no explanation.
Market flowers were spectacular this morning.
And to top it all off, I had a good hair day.

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