Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Brisk Day and a Problematic New Kayak

Christine has a great new outdoor hat.
My new boat is a disappointment.
My best bud, Christine Ward, and I broke in spring today at Carvins Cove, she with her new hat, me a new boat. Her hat fared better.

The wind was a steady 12 mph on the water, which is normally good for a brisk, bumpy ride, but because of the width and shortness of my new kayak, I was pushed all over the compound. I don't recall the last time I had less control of a boat than I did today. It was frustrating and a little unnerving.

Christine, paddling her heavy 15-year-old sit-in kayak, soared through the water--as I would have done if I'd had enough sense to bring one of my older boats. I bought the new one, which is shorter and wider than the ones I had, because it was meant for smaller people than me (my grandgirl, and several female pals). But I'm not so sure this one's going to get wet again when it's windy.

Anyhow, challenges aside, it was simply wonderful to be on the water again and to be able to anticipate regular trips from this point of the spring onward. I went out once in March, but that was almost a freak 78-degree day. Today, it was 74 and gorgeous. Good time to be alive.

Christine cut through the water nicely in her older boat.

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