Saturday, March 12, 2016

Working the Crowd for City Council Seats at St. Paddy's

Trish White-Boyd looking less like a council candidate than a movie star.
Trish works the crowd.
Parades, at least in America, present great opportunities for political office-seekers and today's St. Patrick's Day Parade was no exception.
Mayor David Bowers and Vice Mayor David Trinkle (who recently lost a bid for the Democratic nomination for mayor) were at the head of the parade, relaxed and devoid of politicking.

Behind them came the Democrats and Independents (Roanoke has very few Republicans and none showed up officially today).

Most of the Democrats walked together. The exception was my candidate Trish White-Boyd, who was too busy working the crowd and flashing that airplane landing light smile to be bothered with hob-nobbing with candidates.

Behind her was Independent John Garland--cradling his grandaughter, wearing an engineer's hat and walking with a small train. John's son, Aaron, worked the crowd on tall stilts.

I didn't see my third choice for City Council, Michelle Dykstra, but my guess is she was there somewhere. I was later told that she was with Corbin Pridwyn's contingent promoting the resurgence of Roanoke's Westside neighborhood.
John Garland and his grandgirl with the train.

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