Monday, March 7, 2016

Trish White-Boyd: Council Candidate with Flair

Trish White-Boyd, council candidate.
This is my buddy Trish White-Boyd (and, dammit, no, it is not Trish White Boy, as she so often reminds me) in a photo I shot of her over the weekend. Trish is running for City Council in Roanoke and after listening to her ideas for about two hours of non-stop innovation, vision and extraordinary enthusiasm, I was ready to storm the barricades for her.

This woman is a sterling candidate in a year when we have three outstanding candidates for seats on what has been a disappointing Roanoke City Council for a number of years.

We have a weak mayoral candidate--Sherman Lea--but there's not much we can do about it, since he's running unopposed.

Trish up close.
The other council candidates are John Garland and Michelle Dykstra, both newcomers, both fully equipped with experience, ideas, business backgrounds and enough energy to move Roanoke charging into the 21st Century, 16 years, but better late than never.

I was simply knocked down by Trish's understanding of the importance of business retention--taking care of the businesses we have--as opposed to business recruitment. Each is important, but if you don 't take care of what you have, you won't get anything else and if you don't take care of the Norfolk Southerns and Advance Autos of the world, you lose them to Atlanta. We know that from experience. Trish knows what to do about it.

Trish owns a senior care business, one she built from nothing to 50 employees in 10 years. She is especially involved in neighborhoods, schools (she has two grown sons) and making this a city that is welcoming for all its citizens.

I'm talking hard to her about getting barking dogs under control, but I'm not sure that will be the priority for her that it is for me. I do know, though, that this is a Roanoker (originally from the Florida panhandle) from the tip of her toes to the top of her coiffure.

I hope you will vote for her (and send her some money to I will and I have.

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