Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Happiest Countries are Socialist Again

In Denmark, there are more bicycles than people (and they are healthy).
According to a study by World Happiness Update 2016 (here) the following are the happiest countries in the world:

10. Sweden
9. Australia
8. New Zealand
7. Netherlands
6. Canada
5. Finland
4. Norway
3. Iceland
2. Switzerland
1. Denmark

Most of them (7 of 10) are socialist and two are what has come to be called "democratic socialist." Australia is a straight democracy.

Here are the bottom 10:

10. Madagascar
9. Tanzania
8. Liberia
7. Guinea
6. Rwanda
5. Benin
4. Afghanistan
3. Togo
2. Syria
1. Burundi

Most of them are dictatorships, kingdoms or some other form of government (for the ones that have governments) that is in the hands of a few people who oppress the masses. Oppression is pretty much a symbol of their totalitarianism. They are far away from socialism, democracy and order as you can get.

The U.S. is not on either list. It is ranked 13th among the happiest and my guess is that if the Republicans win the national elections in the fall, it will drop toward the bottom 10. The U.S. is not a democracy, it is not socialist and it is not yet a kingdom. It is solidly an oligarchy, ruled by about 100 very, very wealthy men who are sending it quickly toward the bottom in everything but the amount of income held by a small number of people.

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