Saturday, March 12, 2016

Photographing the St. Patrick's Day Parade

My friend Anne Sampson gets close to her subjects
Times photographer, Heather Rousseau.
Photographing parades is a wonderful pastime and I saw a lot of amateurs and pros working hard at it today.

Shooting faces is my tendency when in large crowds, but other photographers like overviews or tiny details or ... well, just about anything.

I saw far more telephone cameras today than camera-cameras (cell phones have been responsible for more photography than cameras for about five years), but they all take good photos when the photographer is good.

One of the best of the photographers at the event today was my good friend Anne Sampson, whose close, short depth of field pictures are making quite a name for her, was also at the parade as a Scottish dancer.

Roanoke Times photographer Heather Rousseau's photographers are here.

Tommy Firebaugh, the Roanoke professional, trained his camera on me, which was a thoughtful thing to do. Thanks, Tommy. Your photos are good.

Here are some of those who shot pix today.
Tommy Firebaugh's photo of me hiding behind a truck to sneak a candid shot.

This clown got the smiling cop, a coup of the cop.
'Course, TV was everywhere.
And Anne double checked her photos.
One more Firebaugh shot of me (it's my blog, gang).

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