Saturday, March 26, 2016

Margie and Pampa Go Shopping on City Market

That's both of us in one sign.
Margie looks grand in a red hat.
If it's spring, pretty, Saturday and morning, where should we all be? Roanoke City Market.

Margie and I wafted that way this morning and spent time eating (Alejandro's), cruising plants (I had my pal set aside a staymen apple tree for me), photographing street stuff and, of course, stopping into shops and boutiques.

We did all that before driving out U.S. 460 and hitting the big antiques mall for a bit (I bought a CBS News baseball cap and a 1944 Kodak camera, still in the box). Margie shopped lot and bought a little (a dish towel for her daughter that is vastly cool).

At a lovely little shop called the Gypsy Palooza, owned by a delightful young woman named Katy Newberry, one of the shopgirls noted me photographing Margie, leaned in to me and said, "Wow! She's beautiful." I nodded. "Yes, ma'am. She certainly is." And I snapped another picture.

Good time, we had. As we always do. Here's some of what we saw.

Margie rummages through the clothes.

Waiting for lunch at Alejandro's.
Katie Newberry at Gypsy Palooza.
This young woman thought Margie was gorgeous.
Pampa takes a peek.
Truer words ...
My pardner liked these, but said they wouldn't fit me.
Serious shopping.
I got hung up here.
This cash register is as old as me, and weighs as much.

Shabby Love is a cool little store downtown.
Next, let's look at the hats.
Surrounded by fragility.

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