Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lynchburg Football Team Topic of Movie

The Presbyterian Home of Lynchburg's 1920s Shoeless Wonders.
Sara Elizabeth Timmins, the producer who has effectively been adopted by Roanoke, is back at it, this time working to produce a film based on a legendary Lynchburg football team of orphans. "Shoeless Wonders" is scheduled for a fall 2016 shooting start and Miss SaraBelle is raising money now.

Sara Elizabeth Timmins
Her most recent production was "Coming Through the Rye," with Chris Cooper as author J.D. Salinger and it has received a warm reception at several film festivals. It will play at the Richmond International Film Festival March 5 at 11 a.m. at the Byrd Theatre.

Sara is the creative director and producer for Life Out Loud Films (contact here) and has become a partner with HumanKind (former Presbyterian Home Services) to tell the story of the orphan boys who "defy expectations" with a 1920s barefoot football team that was undefeated and didn't allow a score between 1922 and 1930. The team represented the Presbyterian Orphan's Home in the Hill City.

The script was written by Rebecca Rogers Nelson who moved to Lynchburg in 2013.

Sara says her new film will use "the same community model Life Out Loud Films used on past films "Lake Effects" (Jane Seymour) and David Baldacci’s "Wish You Well" (Ellen Burstyn, Josh Lucas). 

Life Out Loud will make a strong effort to work with the community and to bring economic development and tourism to Lynchburg, while sharing the area’s rich history. 

I am eagerly anticipating this one. It could be exceptional and my guess it will be Sara's best to date in a career that gets stronger with each film. 

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