Monday, March 7, 2016

Lyme Disease Blog from My Young Pal (It's a Good One!)

Sarabeth Rose: Always a smile.
My young friend Sarabeth Rose, a high school student in the Roanoke Valley, has been suffering--and that's a mild word for it--from Lyme disease for some time now and for those of you who believe this is a flu-like affliction, you might want to reconsider.

Sarabeth, who is 16 and a marvelous writer and a budding actor, just started a new blog about her daily battle with this debilitating--in her case--disease, which is usually transmitted by the bite of a tiny deer tic, which will be coming out of hiding with the warm weather.

Sarabeth's case is extreme, but it shows the possibilities of severity for a disease which medicine has yet to fully develop an understanding. This courageous young woman is working alone on getting the word spread about Lyme disease and it's threat to all of us--especially those of us who love the outdoors, whether it's gardening, hiking or canoeing, camping or just going for a walk.

Follow her blog--here--and keep abreast of what she's doing to win--and I have no doubt at all that Miss Sarabeth will win. She's a tough cookie.

The blog URL is

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  1. Dan- Thank you for the spotlight on your page. All I ever wanted to do was raise awareness of the horrors of Lyme Disease and you've been a huge help. Thank you!