Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Local Ex-Trump Supporter: 'A Few Months of Temporary Insanity'

Donald Trump in Radford: Too close for comfort.
My Facebook friend Catina Dillon Wright posted the following after driving to Radford to see Donald Trump in person this past week. She was physically close to the presidential candidate and saw much more than she wanted to see. She actually got a feel (and smell) for Trump in full flower.

Ms. Wright says she was a strong Trump supporter before seeing him, but that she has made a 180 degree turn away from him. Here are her unedited words (take them to heart, all ye who visit here):

Catina Dillon Wright
I have NEVER posted a post like this & this will probably be my first & last political post ever BUT I have to share my experience yesterday!! 

I took a half day off from work to go to the Trump rally at Radford University & I went as a HUGE supporter of Trump needless to say that isn't the case anymore. I've been a Trump fan since I started my real estate career in 2004. Read all his books & have said for years "if he ever runs for president, he has my vote"! 

Standing in line I was trying to convert my son Josh over to vote for him & had a 3 hour conversation w/ other Trump supporters on why we HAVE to vote for him & we want him as our next president!! Needless to say half way through the rally I was absolutely appalled & embarrassed that I was even standing there!!! 

Don't take this lightly when I say this either bc I have 65 signs headed to Rocky Mount that I'm stopping bc I will not support this man on anything!! I have not agreed w/ all of his actions or his choice of words over the last few months BUT I still thought "well he will get a filter over his mouth when all this calms down & he's in office".....NO he will get worse! He doesnt need a filter....he needs Gorilla Glue and then duct taped!! 

It's different when you see & hear this in person! We were just a couple of feet from him & the hatred, anger, racism, arrogance, sexist man that I witnessed made me feel like I had front row seats to Jerry Springer!! 

I was horrified after seeing him pucker up lips to Miss Va 2015 standing to the right of me & then seeing him look at a very heavy set lady to the left of me w/ absolute pure hatred & not sign anything she had but Miss Va had her sash signed! 

Friends & family, all I can say is that I'm sorry that I had a few months of temporary insanity on this!!! I encourage anyone supporting this reality TV star to go to a rally!!! He lost a family of 7 standing behind me support as well. 

I'm speechless to [what] I heard and saw when the camera was on him and then off of him! Sad to say that if this man is the last one standing, then Catina will not vote!!! 

I'm going to quote someone's saying from yesterday "He will be the best business president that we've ever had but what good will that do if he has us all nuked?" 

I'm not willing to lower to racism, sexism, etc. and vote this man into office for the love of money!!! GOD help our country!!! Love ya all no matter whether we agree or disagree!!



  1. Thank you so very much for sharing your experience at the Radford rally for a well known reality TV star who somehow was vetted to run for POTUS. Thank you for the maturity and responsibility you've shown by sharing this information. May you be blessed

  2. Look likes Jane Doe to me. LOL. Where is the link to her FB.