Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Kayak Season Just Opened (Yaaaaaay!)

The water is delightfully high at the cove. This is near the end of the boat launch.
You can do this is you have a truck.
It was 78 degrees and I was at a stopping place in the book I'm working on, so I looked outside, saw my kayak under a winter tarp and made an executive decision.

Thirty minutes later, I was on the Cove with the kayak in extremely high water with the sun beaming, the breeze blowing and a lot of people smiling at each other as they paddled.

It was a busy Wednesday even for the spring, but boys and girls, this is winter. Two more weeks of it to go. But if there's anything to love about global warming it's that it's globally warm on March 8.

Here's a bit of what it looked like for the hour I was at Carvins Cove. May go back tomorrow if I get enough writing done. It is a simply marvelous way to shake out the cobwebs.
Here's the truck at the launch.
That's my view, coming in to the dock area.
The sun played some tricks in this choppy panorama shot.

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