Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Time to Rebel Against Hillary Clinton, Back Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders: He would win (easily against Trump)
The Clinton political machine is finally coming under the withering fire it has deserved all along, but has not received because politics as usual was still being played. Bernie Sanders--and even Donald Trump--are changing that dynamic, Sanders for the good and Trump to the horror of anybody with a brain.

"... Some once great, grass roots movements pledged their troth to a political party and lost touch with their values and their members," writes Bill Curry in a blistering evaluation of the Clinton machine in action. in today's Salon Magazine (here, a superb piece in its understanding and detail of how our system is failing).

Curry's most striking observations are about how the game has changed and why parts of it are resistant to change, even when that change makes the most sense to the organizations and individuals involved.

"Both Clinton and Trump argue their inevitability," Curry writes. "It’s an illusion propped up by rules meant to stifle dissent. (Super delegates in her case, winner-take-all in his) She’d be the weakest candidate Democrats have nominated in half a century or more. He’d be the worst ever nominated by either party. Neither will finish strong. Both may crumble. Each will then say early wins in a rigged system entitle them to nominations. Will either party have the wisdom to say no?"

Curry concludes--and I'm leaning toward agreeing with him--that "The range of possible outcomes includes a Clinton/Trump race but also a Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz or John Kasich-led ticket coming out of Cleveland 10 points ahead of Hillary Clinton or 5 points behind Bernie Sanders. It also includes a Sanders/Trump race in which Bernie beats Trump by more than FDR beat Alf Landon. It only sounds crazy if you’re wearing neoliberal blinders. Two polls in the last five days (Bloomberg and CNN) say that’s exactly what would happen."

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