Monday, March 28, 2016

Here's Why Trump is Fooling GOP Leadership

Bob Goodlatte: Representing the rich and powerful.
This New York Times article (here) is as good as anything I've seen about the decline of the Republican Party's ruling elite, which includes Congressmen Bob Goodlatte (6th District) and Morgan Griffith (9th District) from our region.

Griffith: Coal is the future(?)
Griffith is referred to in the reference to the "coal country," which is not where he lives, but it is here he represents--though that is only after a fashion. Goodlatte, who is a senior member of the House, is part of the rest of the references of legislators kowtowing to the very wealthy.

Reports The Times: " ... the story is also one of a party elite that abandoned its most faithful voters, blue-collar white Americans, who faced economic pain and uncertainty over the past decade as the party’s donors, lawmakers and lobbyists prospered. From mobile home parks in Florida and factory towns in Michigan, to Virginia’s coal country, where as many as one in five adults live on Social Security disability payments, disenchanted Republican voters lost faith in the agenda of their party’s leaders."

"While jobs in places like Buffalo were vanishing, Washington was coming to resemble a gilded city of lobbyists, contractors and lawmakers. In 2014, the median wealth of members of Congress reached $1 million, about 18 times that of the typical American household."

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