Monday, March 28, 2016

Goodlatte: The Aging of the Term Limits Guy

Bob Goodlatte running for Congress, 1st term.
Goodlatte today: Term limits reconsidered.
When Bob Goodlatte, a little-known Roanoke immigration lawyer and functionary in the local Republican Party, ran for Congress the first time in 1993, he was a young man with a message a conservative district wanted to hear: Term Limits!

It was his rallying cry against Democrat Steve Musselwhite, a popular and successful Roanoke professional, seeking to fill the seat of retiring former GE director Jim Olin, who had been in the House for as long as he deemed necessary.

Today, as one of the senior members of the House, Goodlatte no longer mentions term limits. He sees the wisdom of keeping Congressmen in their seats far more clearly than he saw it 23 years ago. Eyes improving with age? Nah. But the bank account is almost certainly improved and Goodlatte is part of the party inner sanctum that Donald Trump is making so nervous these days.

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  1. Many folks forget that Goodlatte had also served on Caldwell Butler's staff early in his career, so there's even more time that he's been receiving a paycheck from the taxpayers. And neither that experience on the staff of a moderate with integrity nor Bob's nondescript immigration law practice has been in evidence during his days as a careerist Congressman.