Wednesday, March 9, 2016

First Forsythia of Spring, Out Comes the Tiller

Pampa the Belly tears up the soft, damp ground.
It does not require a strong suggestion this time of the year to get my fat butt out in the yard to prune, trim, rake, till or do any of a range of physical chores, so seeing the first forsythia of the spring a little while ago was plenty.

This lonely forsythia inspired me.
I was plowing another furrow at the time (finishing a chapter in a book) when i looked out the window ("typists type, writers look out the window") and saw a yellow spot amid the brown that I was trimming two days ago.

That was it. Slipped on my tilling shoes and baseball cap, went to the shed and pulled out the electric tiller, hooked it up and went to work. Tilled the tomato garden, the strawberry patch and the miscellaneous garden and now I'm ready to plant. Which will happen in about a month. Can't wait. But I have to.

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