Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Daughter and Dad Remember the '80s

Big-haired Jenniffer in the '80s.
Me, same decade.
My gorgeous daughter (look at that dang smile--it ain't natural!) issued this challenge today via Facebook, "Post your favorite 1980s picture! Show off that hair and fashion; Glamour Shots are always appropriate ... do they even still have Glamour Shots?"

She came up with this beauty.

I came up with one of my own, a photo taken in 1986 for the Roanoker Magazine's story on the Baby Boom turning 40. I was in that first wave and just finished writing a followup on the Boom turning ... gulp! ... 70. Ain't that a kick in the 'nads?

Here's the photo I chose of Jenniffer's dad, explaining, "This is me in 1986, turning 40, getting over a hangover and trying to figure out who the hell that woman in my bedroom is."

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