Saturday, March 12, 2016

Confederate Flag Display Was Subdued

The group was few in number and had just four flags.
The curiosity today the annual Roanoke St. Patrick's Day parade was the Confederate Flag display. The flag had caused quite a controversy at the Christmas parade in December, but was barely in evidence today.

I counted one battle flag and one Flag of the Confederacy, side-by-side, appearing only briefly in a long parade. The flags were carried by four men in Confederate uniforms and they were fronted by a float that had several women in 1860s dress (and several people not in costume). It, frankly, was not much of a display.

More impressive was the seven-man Union Army display that came ahead of the Confederates.

In any case, there was no controversy today. The Confederates, bless their hearts, didn't even carry guns (nor did the Yankees. That's the kind of war I prefer).

There were more Yankees, just like in the war.

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