Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another Delaying Tactic from a Dead-Stop Congress

The House Freedom Caucus is angling to eliminate the "lame duck session" of Congress, the one held following this fall's election. The elimination of the session would limit Congress to 17 days in session the rest of the year following July 15. Congress doesn't work very much already, but this is ridiculous.

Salem resident Morgan Griffith of the 9th District (you don't have to live in a district to represent it) and Dave Brat, the far-far right-winger who beat Eric Cantor of Richmond, are members. Many blame the Freedom Caucus, which, of course, is Republican, as being the gum in the system, slowing and stopping Congress on a regular basis and creating several of the least effective bodies in its history in recent years.

The rationale for stopping the lame duck session is that Congress screws the public during this period. Well, hell's bells, boys and girls, Congress screws the public on a regular basis, ducks or no. This is simply another way of delaying the inevitability of a liberal Supreme Court. Get used to it guys, it's coming, delaying tactics or no.


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