Sunday, March 20, 2016

Adven-ture Girl! Does a Bungee Jump

Janeson at the Bungee Jump: Bouncy, bouncy.

My pal Janeson Keeley has taken of late to standing with her feet spread, hands on hips, jaw cocked, cape flowing, as she all but sings, "Adven-ture Girl!"

Janeson's somewhere in her 50s and for the past couple of years she's had a pretty serious adventure addiction, much of which has been chronicled here. Today, she insisted that bungee jumping was her next adven-ture and, as it happens, we had just come out of a movie at Valley View Mall (Tina Fey is simply wonderful in "Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot" or as Janeson observed: "WTF") and there's a bouncy jump in the mall.

We went over, she paid her $7 and went to it. Here is what it looked like. I had a really nice Canon SLR camera with me, but its battery was played out and I was reduced to a little Nikon point and shoot (I have not yet accepted the fact that my phone is a much better camera than that.)

By the way, I didn't jump. Couldn't. They won't allow those of us over 200 pounds to do it.
Up front is the $7.
This is the jumper's harness.
Janeson liked this part.
Janeson flipping out. Sorry for the blur.
She nearly wore herself out with the jump.

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