Friday, March 11, 2016

A Tiny Bump; A Bill That Ain't Tiny

There's $400 worth of damage somewhere in there.
Here's the damage in detail. Don't look like much to me.
I'm stopped at an intersection a little while ago, a limited access, one-way road to Valley View Boulevard at the big mall. This huge SUV pulls up behind me while I'm waiting behind a car to get into the traffic flow.

Then I feel this nudge, like a kid kicking my seat in a movie theater. I look in the rearview and see that the SUV has bumped me, so I jump out of the car to check for damage, wondering how there could be any. But knowing that even the slightest scratch demands big bucks.

And there it is, a couple of dings. As it turns out, $400 worth of dings. Seems excessive to me. With a little jar of touch-up paint, my guess is I could fix it. But the kid wants to fix it right and I'm taking him up on it.

Daisy (my Punchbuggy) has a hood ("bonnet" to the Brits) that is a shade of yellow less bright than the rest of the car, so I got it estimated, too. This is the whole hood vs. the tiny scratched area. The hood repair is $300 and change. Go figure.

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