Thursday, March 10, 2016

A School Bus Accident Waiting to Happen

The bus is spitting out its children on the corner near Park Towne apartments, two blocks from my house.
 School buses, like all buses, cause minor annoyance to us all when they stop in front of us to unload, but it is something--like train crossings--that we tolerate because we want the kids to be safe and we all want bus service for them.

Occasionally, though, it would work better. I live in the city and near me is a large apartment complex (Park Towne), primarily composed of Hispanic immigrants. These people adore their kids and they send them off to school in the morning and greet them in the afternoon. Problem is that the bus stops at a four-way intersection and blocks all four roads, angling across the primary artery.

Almost all of the children live in the complex and there are dozens. They take a long time to unload. They don't need to be unloaded where they are unloaded, however. In fact, it would be safer and more convenient for everybody (except maybe for the driver) if the bus went to the central parking area and unloaded. It is one block away and easily accessible. Traffic there--people parking or leaving the complex--is very light and presents no problem for the kids.

The other day, I saw a driver run the bus's blinking lights after waiting a good while and my guess is that happens occasionally. This is a simple problem with a simple solution. I hope the City of Roanoke's school transportation people will fix it. This is an accident--with children at the center of it--waiting to happen.


  1. Unfortunately, this has to be taken up with the third party bus company, Mountain Valley Transportation. Here's the link to contact them. You may want to send pictures.

  2. We here at Mountain Valley Transportation care very much about the safety of the children we transport. Thank you for your feed back, Dan. We will check into this situation.