Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Pristine Day Near the End of Winter

This is the remains of one of several cabins we discovered along the Blue Trail at Bottom Creek.
Susan photos pine cones.
I'm not quite certain of my friend Susan's and my hike along Bottom Creek in Floyd County today was the last of the winter or the first of spring. Either way works for me. It was in the low 60s, light breeze, bright sunshine and some delightful discoveries.

I've probably hiked Bottom Creek six or seven times, but never on the Blue Trail. This one led us straight to an old 1860-circa settlement, one we learned was occupied at first by Civil War deserters. The log cabins are in various forms of decay, but if you get really quiet--and you can do that in this pristine gorge--you can hear the people still hanging around their homes.

The cabins, smoke house and chimneys were simply marvelous to photograph--Susan is a fine photographer who burns up batteries like monkeys eat bananas. Here is some of our day. Hope yours was grand, too.
Sometimes Mother Nature delivers a simple message: "I love you." Thanks, Mom.

This is a corner of one of the cabins.
That's me in the corner, in the spot-light losin' my religion.
Susan found a root to shoot.
The moss adds bright color.
I like this shot of Susan in her element, black and white, she in color.
This was once somebody's home.
Don't go in there, Susan!
The falls at Bottom Creek.
Pampa at the falls.
The falls back up Susan.
Pampa gets a drink from the falls. (Susan's idea.)

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