Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Lunchtime Visit to St. Paddy's Market.

Margie and I found a hat shop we liked today downtown.
There was just the coolest hat shop ever downtown in Roanoke today during the St. Maddie's Day* celebration. The booth had all kinds of cowboy hats, garden hats, derbies, steam trunk stovetops and newsboy caps.

I'm mostly a baseball cap guy and Margie usually avoids hats, but today we couldn't resist. The hats, lunch in the City Market Building, a visit to the new Candy Store in Center in the Square building and people watching made for a great lunch hour for the two of us.

The Candy Store is a delight. It is in the corner of the Center in the Square building in a spot vacated by my old friend Deborah Goglia. Deborah had a great little boutique, but it didn't make the cut. Maybe The Candy Store will.

One of the more interesting conversations we got into was one with a couple of young guys who made their own R2/D2 robot. It was made of wood and plastic and was eaten up with cool.

Here's a bit of what it looked like.

(*St. Maddy is my grandgirl, whose birthday--11 this year--is March 17, same as a guy named Patrick. Maddie knew the parade downtown this time of year was in honor of her birthday and even though she's living in Spain, we're still holding it. How 'bout that for fame, boys and girls.)
Margie's ready for a garden party.
This is The Candy Store. It's wonderful.
The City Market building was busy.
Homemade R2/D2.

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