Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Little Walk With Bill Bryson at Hollins

The show for Bryson sold out in six minutes and the crowd could not be contained in the Hollins Theatre.
Bryson at the podium.
Author Bill Bryson (you'll know A Walk in the Woods, which Robert Redford mad into a movie recently) was at Hollins University tonight addressing a sellout crowd more as an entertainer than as a great university thinker.

And he was just perfect being what he is: a writer with some fun stories to tell. The guy is really funny, which is why, I suspect, he sold out in six minutes when tickets went on sale. The crowd was so big, that some of it wound up in another building watching Bryson on TV.

Margie and I went with our friends Susan and Janeson , both of whom are hiking buddies of mine and it was a lovely evening of warmth, humor and good friends.

Wish you could have been there.

Janeson and Susan settling in.
Susan and I talk about working little cameras, while Margie does a purse search.

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