Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Closer Look at Today's St. Patrick's Day Parade

The crowd was large, happy and enthusiastic.
Bagpiper piping.
The St. Patrick's Day Parade in Roanoke--one of the city's premier events--is among my favorites.

That is mostly because it comes close to my grandgirl's birthday and Madeline always thought it was presented for her. I never disabused her of that notion. She's lived outside Roanoke for the past two years and I really miss her on the day of this parade. Her birthday is actually on St. Patrick's Day.

Today's parade was typically large, enthusiastic and a heck of a lot of fun. I loved the faces, the color, the wondrous weather and the overall feel that spring is here. People's spirits were high. Here's some of what it looked like.
Young Irish dancers prancing.
R2-Who? Andy Wiseman's work.
I love rollergirls.
These fairy princesses (and prince) are for rent for your kid's party (540-467-7410).
What's coming next, boys?
Sitting on a mailbox.
Baton baby.
Yes, it's a ferrett.
Super-who? Hazel Dayze.
Red hair, pink bike.
Beware of dogs, Dad.
Tiny bike.
How do you hold that smile?
My Viking pal Jeff Rigdon and his lovely daughter Kim.
Alluring. Yep. Alluring.
A group of pals.
The Viking hoard.
Builder Corbin Prydwin.
The best of all the weather guys, Robin Reed of WDBJ7.
A princess of many colors.
Bubble girls.
Partying tonight.
Clown car without Republicans.
Cover your ears, the bagpipes are coming!
A gaggle of clowns.
Parking garage view of the parade.
Revolutionary soldier.
The water department floats are always superb.
Class A smiles.
Tuning the bagpipe ... I think.
Big boy, big bike.
Roanoke's real Irish pub.
Watching closely.
Photographing princesses.
Blow ye winds!
Aaron Garland.

Bonny Branch and pal.
Annie Lin and her son.
Happy Medusas.
Oddity: Pretty, smiling cop!
Hubba, hubba.
Be Er Be Lly
My pal, Tracy Weeks.
Taubman director Della Watkins goes all 1950s on us.
We're talkin' At-it-ude!
Can we go home now, Mom?

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  1. Photo 4 is R2D2 built and controlled by Andy Wiseman. Photo 11 is local cosplayer Hazel Dayze. She's dressed as the Baron Ess one of the characters representing B & D Comic Shop. Both of them were part of an eclectic group of our friends there to support us and our event "Geek Mob".