Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lovely Winter's Day: Road Trip to Lexington

That's Margie (and me in the mirror) in a delightful little boutique in Lexington, the Pumpkinseed.
Margie and I decided that on a pretty day like this one in late February, it would be best to get our butts out the door and on the road. Lexington is always a great destination, whether or not we are hiking and today, it wasn't hiking. It was touring and shopping in some of Lexington's wonderful little shops (most of which are closed on Sunday). 

We found the charming little shop, the Pumpkinseed on Main Street, which had a sign outside saying something like "The cutest little shop in these parts." It is. We didn't find anything inside to buy (expensive stuff), but Margie tried on a dress asking, "Does this make me look fat?" Yes, said I, taking into consideration that honesty is the pillar on which relationships thrive. 

We had lunch at a sweet little restaurant in the heart of town and I ordered a Mediterranean salad with grilled chicken. I asked if the chicken could be blackened. The waitress asked if I meant cooked until it was burned. I explained and she went to the kitchen and asked the chef. She said, yes, she could do it. And could she ever! Best blackened chicken I ever ate. Margie had the fish taco and it was delightful, as well.

Does this make me look fat?
We rode back with the windows down, the radio on and sparkling conversation livening the wondrous air. Good day for both of us.
Margie inspects the goodies at the Pumpkinseed.


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