Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Winter Hike Among Fallen Trees

Janeson Keeley photographs the blocked trail on the Hollins Greenway.
Ice and rain uprooted this big tree.
A hike up the Hollins Greenway Trail to the Carvins Cove overlook yesterday meant a lot of climbing over fallen trees.

Last week's ice storm and a great deal of February rain and snow left the ground saturated and when the trees were covered with heavy ice, many of them either snapped or fell over from their top-heavy state.

It was a mess and will require some time to clean up. At one point, my hiking partner, Janeson Keeley, and I went off the trail, scrambled straight up the mountain and took a different route to the top.

We began the hike in the cold and wind and finished in warm sunshine, sweaty and tired. That's winter fun.

Janeson and I found an alternate route to the blocked trail. She found it in black and white.
Blocked mess of a trail.
Pampa climbs over a fallen tree.

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