Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's Mellllll-ting

Ice sucks, but it is gorgeous.
The ship's bell looks coooooold.
Inevitably, the melt comes, though sometimes it seems otherwise. We are in the middle of a heat wave at the moment in Roanoke--it's 41 degrees--and the ice that accumulated overnight is in full melt mode, giving all this mess quite an aesthetic appeal.

The snow has been about as inconvenient for me as any in memory. Yesterday alone I had to cancel appointments (actually, they were cancelled on me) by my dentist and gastroenterologist who was to do a colonoscopy. I was halfway through preparation for the gut probe (which means I'd drunk half of the 64 ounces of laxative and had fasted all day) before I got the call. Which also means, I have to do it all again.

I heard a clicking throughout the night coming from roughly the same spot my heat pump occupies outside my bedroom and investigation this morning showed why. The fan was covered in more than half an inch of solid ice, some of which was hitting the fan blades. I chipped it off with a small hammer and it whirred happily afterward.

Snow is such a lovely, nasty, cruel lover of us all.

The heat pump was a frozen mess, which I fixed.

Fearless Frank was a cold boy.
My deck owl, Barney (get it? get it?), was not amused.
Francois was likely annoyed me at not letting him inside.
What else can you do?
This young spruce in the back yard is tough.
A warm place for the birdies ... but I don't see any.

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