Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Bronco, a Star, a Comic Dude and a Hike

That's colorful me walking down the black and white Mill Mountain trail.
Me in my own comic book (courtesy of PhotoShop).
My buddy Christine Ward and I took a run up Mill Mountain on this spring in winter day and for all the lack of color on the mountain, it was lovely--and jam-packed.

I suspect we're all a little weary of looking at our living rooms, our books, our TVs and, heaven knows, our iPads, and the outdoors beckons on a 60-degree day in the middle of February.

One of the reasons I so love this region is that winter doesn't kill us; it gives us occasional respites so we can renew and today was one of them.

It was cloudy for the most part and the ground was sodden where it didn't have snow left from the early week. But we saw a lot of high spirits and even a 1964 or '65 Bronco, restored and beautiful, but O.J. Simpson was not around to drive it.

Here's a little of what today looked like to the natives.

Comic book Christine and me at the Mill Mountain Star overlook.
I like this shot of two hikers taking a break at the star a lot.
Here's your standard, inescapable view from the Star.
This is the Bronco, sans O.J.

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